General Linear Model Journal


A peer-reviewed, biannual publication publication sponsored by the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group (SIG), Multiple Linear Regression: The General Linear Model

Join the MLR:GLM SIG

Membership in the Multiple Linear Regression: General Linear Model Special Interest Group (MLR:GLM SIG) is available to anyone who is member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Benefits of membership in the MLR:GLM SIG include a subscription to the binannually published version of the General Linear Model Journal (spring online-only version and fall print and online versions), regular email updates about SIG activities and opportunities, and the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

To join, simply check the MLR:GLM SIG option when joining or renewing your membership in AERA. If you are already an AERA member, you may easily join the SIG by adding it to your current membership. Current membership dues are $20 for professionals and $10 for students.

More information about the MLR:GLM SIG is available from the SIG website.