General Linear Model Journal


A publication sponsored by the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group (SIG), Multiple Linear Regression: The General Linear Model

Volume 38 • Number 2 • 2012

Table of Contents

The PEAR Method for Sample Sizes in Multiple Linear Regression
Gordon P. Brooks - Ohio University
Robert S. Barcikowski - Ohio University

Power of Product Tests in Mediation as a Function of Mediator Collinearity
T. Mark Beasley - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Visual Assessment of Residual Plots in Multiple Linear Regression: A Model-Based Simulator Perspective
Howgwei Yang - University of Kentucky

Automated Path Tracing for General Linear Models
William Dardick - University of Maryland
Jeffrey R. Harring - University of Maryland

Demonstration of How Score Reliability is Integrated into SEM with Multiple Exogenous Latent Variables
Lee M. Wolfle - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University